Frequently Asked Questions

With proper care, your MCM items are designed to withstand the demands of regular wear and guaranteed to last a lifetime. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you enjoy your MCM items:

● Take care when inserting heavier items into handbags, backpacks and luggage, so you do not damage or deform the product.

● Direct exposure to humidity, moisture, sweat and heat may transfer color or change the shape of the product.

● Direct exposure to sunlight or illumination may discolor the product.

● Alcohol and oily substances, such as perfumes or cosmetic products, may damage or contaminate the product.

● External friction or shock may cause color transfer, contamination and abrasion—especially on brightly colored items.

MCM items tend to get a lot of use by our customers, but there will be times when you’ll need to store them. Here’s what we recommend:

● Place your item in a dust bag and store it in a dry, cool place. Keep the item in its intended shape and make sure its handle or shoulder strap is not pressed or creased.

● Use a soft, dry cloth to gently tap and blot the product to remove any soiling before storage.

● Never dry clean your MCM items.


● Please handle exotics with care. The surface of the skin can rub off due to external friction, and scales can rise or detach due to external shock.


● Please treat embossed leather items with care. External friction may cause their surfaces to scale off.

● Products with an embossed logo should be treated with extra care, as the logo can be bent out of shape under heavy weight.

● The logo area of an enamel-coated product may be subject to shifts in color.


● Please handle metallics with care, as the folding portion may become wrinkled or cracked.

● Exposure to sunlight or illumination may cause discoloration. Always store items in a cool, dry place.

● Traces of metallic powder can come of of the item onto clothing or upholstery.


Handle jewelry and any items featuring studs or stones with care. External pressure can damage these embellishments. Studs and stones may scratch or damage other objects.

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